Tortoises don’t run on adrenalin!

I don’t think I got the idea of the DP challenge last time, so I’m trying again. 

Trying to keep to my theme of public speaking, I thought a few descriptions of various types of speakers might go down well. 

I have written before about speaking as if you are confident, even if you are not. Some speakers stand up looking like rabbits caught in a car’s headlights. Instead of starting off with their topic, they apologise for being there and for what is inevitably going to go wrong with the equipment, tell you what they have left behind and then hope you are not going to be bored with what they have to say – too late, you are already.

Others start slowly, lulling you into a false sense that you can plug in your iPod and doze off when, all of a sudden, they touch a nerve, wake you with a start and catch your attention, finishing like the tortoise in the fable, with a really interesting and surprising flourish. 

A sure and steady presentation – but not at tortoise speed –  is better than a hurried, over-the-top presentation which leaves the audience in no doubt about the ego of the speaker but thoroughly confused about the subject.

Keep calm on the surface but keep that excitement inside that will ensure that your audience can’t help but feel the enthusiasm for the subject oozing out of you, rather like sauce on top of a tasty lasagne, bubbling away, tempting the diners to devour the unmissable fare set before them. 


About Rosemary the Chickerell Chirper

I'm a private teacher of piano, guitar and music theory. I am married with two grown sons who now have families of their own. I have five granddaughters, two in NZ and three in England, including one set of twins. Ever since I was very young I have wanted to write and have had some poems and articles published but would love to complete a novel. I give talks about various things to local groups and play organ and piano at our local Methodist Chapel where I also lead the choir.
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