Words, words, words!

Having received the Daily Post challenge today, I thought I’d follow it through (or thru if you are American!) and try tagging this. 

As I said in my post of Sept 23, it is very sensible when giving any presentation on screen or up on a board in front of an audience to make sure that you haven’t made any embarrassing mistakes in your language.

My most common ones are typos such as form instead of from, whne instead of when and adn instead of and. I also have the knack of typing ign instead of ing at the ends of words. And, as if by way of demonstrating to myself, I have just typed sword instead of words. I’m sure a psychoanalyst would enjoy that one! Words can be swords in the right hands or should I say, mouths? 

I always feel secretly pleased when I see others making the same mistakes. Using the computer checking tools is very sensible, although they do not work in all circumstances, such as when you are using bullet points. The grammar option seems to cut out because you are not using full sentences after the bullets. However, the spelling check works but you do need to know their from there from they’re, as they are all correct in different contexts but you might have used the wrong one! There are other words that have different spellings but sound the same or similar, as in my previous example of morale and morel – very different meanings.

Use the tools available to you, whether on computer, an old-fashioned but still serviceable dictionary or a kind friend who is better at the language than you are. Even if you think you are superb at spelling and grammar, remember that everyone does typos and even the best touch typist makes occasional errors.

Motto: You won’t look a fool if you use the right tool!

(If you read an innuendo there – remember that it’s the way YOUR mind is working!)


About Rosemary the Chickerell Chirper

I'm a private teacher of piano, guitar and music theory. I am married with two grown sons who now have families of their own. I have five granddaughters, two in NZ and three in England, including one set of twins. Ever since I was very young I have wanted to write and have had some poems and articles published but would love to complete a novel. I give talks about various things to local groups and play organ and piano at our local Methodist Chapel where I also lead the choir.
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